Matthias Storme

Heeft natuurlijk de boter gevreten bij velen. Toch wil ik hem bedanken voor zijn bemoedigende uitspraak vandaag in De Morgen. "Ik vind het nu bijna een morele plicht om op het Vlaams Blok te stemmen" zegt N-VA'er M. Storme. "Of dan toch op mensen die zoals Jürgen Verstrepen geen lid zijn van het Blok maar wel op hun lijst staan". Ik kan dit natuurlijk alleen maar goedkeuren. Een interessant artikel werd gepost in de reactielogs. Ik zal het ook even hier aanhangen omdat de schrijver toch wel de nagel op de kop slaagt, wat de 'democratische' politici in dit land ook roepen.

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Opiniestuk Opinion
April 24, 2004

I've seen the future: it's scary and Belgian

THE PRIME MINISTER makes much of the "scare stories" and "myths" which
opponents of further deepening of the EU supposedly propagate. They are
based, apparently, on paranoia, and are products of not-so-latent
Well here's a very scary story which is not speculation but fact. This week
democracy - the right to vote for the party you wish to support - ended
inside one EU member state.

On Wednesday, the Belgian judiciary banned a political party from operating
in Belgium. The reason? The country's political establishment dislikes its
views. The party it banned is not some obscure fringe organisation but one
which has 18 MPs in the 150-seat Belgian parliament, many local councillors
and two MEPs. The opinion polls were predicting that it could win the most
Belgian votes at the European and local elections in June.
The banned party is Vlaams Blok (VB). The Court of Appeal in Ghent -
notorious for its left-liberal bias - deemed it to be an "undemocratic and
racist" organisation because of its policy that immigrants should be given
only two choices: "to assimilate or to return home".
Maybe such a policy is indeed racist; maybe it isn't. The VB itself, which
has much in common with the Fortuyn List in the Netherlands, has been
accused of this. But in a democracy, surely, that is a decision which voters
should make, not judges. But the VB's racism was merely an excuse. The real
reason why the Belgian authorities have been bent on banning the VB for
years has nothing to do with racism and the rights of immigrants. It is that
the party advocates secession from Belgium and the establishment of a
Republic of Flanders. Worse still, as Belgium's only conservative party it
upsets the country's cosy political applecart. The Belgian Establishment has
responded not by defeating it in argument but by banning it.
After Wednesday's ruling, it is now illegal to distribute VB publications
and its politicians are barred from state radio and television. The party is
appealing against the ruling, but the Belgian judiciary's predisposition to
do the bidding of the political class means that the appeal has almost no
chance of succeeding. When the ban is confirmed, the VB will be proclaimed a
criminal organisation and disbanded, unable to exist, let alone to field
candidates and argue its case.
I hold no brief for the VB; and were I to have a vote in Flanders, I would
not vote for it. But that is not the point. What happened in Ghent on
Wednesday is a frightening, but classic demonstration of the political
mindset which lies behind the EU's "ever-closer union": if you do not sign
up to certain beliefs then your politics are, by definition, beyond the pale
and thus illegitimate.
The ruling was merely the latest in a series of attempts to destroy the VB
because of the threat it posed to the Belgian status quo. In 1999,
"undemocratic and racist" parties were banned from receiving state funding
(private donations of more than 125 euros are illegal in Belgium). This
decision was immediately followed by an action against the VB on those
grounds. When a Flemish judge refused to issue a judgment, arguing that
these were matters for the electorate rather than the courts, the head of
the Centre for Equal Opportunities, the quango which had brought the case
said that he would continue appealing until he had found a judge who would
find against the VB. This week one emerged: Alain Smetrijns, who happens
also to be the chairman of the Lions Club in Ghent, a francophone
pro-Belgian unity group.
Belgium is in many ways a mini-EU: an artificial state created (much like
Europe's three former such states, the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and
Yugoslavia) as a result of political ideology rather than any sense of
national unity, and held together by a political class which is prepared to
subvert democracy to achieve its ends. Add to that a judiciary which, far
from being independent of the political establishment, is an important part
of the problem - and you have a recipe for what took place in Ghent this
week: democracy, Belgian-style, in which you may vote only for a party whose
views are approved by the elites.
The actions may be specific to Belgium, but the lesson is of wider import.
The EU is in the process of becoming just such an artificial state. The fate
of the Vlaams Blok shows that worries about the future of democracy are not
scare stories. They are real dangers and they are with us today.
The author is a senior Fellow at the Centre for the New Europe, a
Brussels-based think tank.

Gepost door: redactie | 24-04-04

storme op zee! storme is geen vrijdenker, maar een vrije denker, en dus geen politicus...

Gepost door: john hurt | 24-04-04

Storme naar het Blok! Mathias: ga weg van de NVA die nu met CVP collaboreert!

De CVP die wel jaaaaaaaarelang de handjes heeft geschud van lieden als Mobutu, maar nu eens de moraalridder gaat spelen, en papegaai Bourgeois zit op zijn stokje en aapt maar na.

NB: in Wallonië komt Guy Coëme op in juni.
Nieuwe slogan van de VLD: Laat Maar Coëme!

Gepost door: serge | 25-04-04

vrije meningsuiting en censuur Enkele dagen geleden verklaarde een woordvoerder van De Post tijdens een interview op VRT dat drukwerken , uitgaande van het Vlaams Blok, vanaf 40dagen voor de de verkiezingen ZONDER CENSUUR

Gepost door: rogerke | 25-04-04

vrije meningsuiting en censuur Enkele dagen geleden verklaarde een woordvoerder van De Post vanaf 40 voor en tot aan de verkiezingen censuurvrij mogen verspreid worden .Buiten deze periode worden drukwerken uitgaande van deze partij vooraf gecensureerd door het Centrum ex-Leman.Ik heb de tweede wereldoorlog meegemaakt en toen werd alles met grote vlijt gecensureerd maar dan wel door de nazi-bezetter.Waar zijn we in ons land mee bezig.Ik zou zeggen:arm belgie en zekerarm vlaanderen!!!!!

Gepost door: ROGERKE | 25-04-04

Site NVA Jaja Matthias staat nog steeds bij het partijbestuur. Krijgen ze hem dan niet buiten of wordt er op zondag niet aan de site gewerkt. Het was nu ook inderdaad prachtig weer he.



Gepost door: Tibo | 25-04-04

begrip Ook in de politiek woekert de ontaal en de kromtaal. Wat is discrimineren anders dan " het onderscheid maken " " het verschil kennen en erkennen" en dat duiden. Blijven waarnemen, observeren en eeneigen mening vormen.Dat is de boodschap

Gepost door: vANOVERSCHELDE | 29-04-04

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